Hars Apartments

Multi-language, responsive site running on custom code, created for a client for listing apartments and parking lots. 

I have built this site from ground up on pure PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript using the Sublime Text editor. Since it’s running on custom code, it’s quite fast and well structured. The top 3 priorities were to handle 3 languages seamlessly, to make apartment listings effortlessly, and to handle mobile and desktop resolutions. I have used Bootstrap for making the site responsive. Apartments and parking lots can be selected via listings or on a visual menu. I’ve also added a fancy page transition effect.

Features & links

  • Running on custom code: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS
  • Quick loading and page transition effect
  • Elegant design and intuitive interface
  • Visual menu of apartments and parking lots
  • Hungarian, english and german translations
  • Responsive layout for mobile and desktop
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