Breakout made in 2 hours

Breakout was one of the very first games I’ve created as a child. Its source is long gone, but I wanted to recreate it.

Now with todays technology it’s very easy to make a simple game like that, literally it just takes a couple of hours. This time I’ve used the awesome Love2D framework and ZeroBrane Studio. I’ve recorded a timelapse video while making it, and later edited it in YouTube.

Timelapse video

Features & controls

Basically it was an experiment, but it shows what you can create in 2 hours using these tools:

  • 3 different playable levels
  • Score and player live counter
  • Controlling ball speed with paddle
  • Collision detection and response
  • Game over and score screen
  • Only 320 lines of code
  • Use arrow keys to move

Download links

In order to play the Linux or MacOSX version, you will need to install Love2D on your computer.