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Peszo logoMy name is Peter Szöllősi (aka peszo, easy82 and pi24), and I’m a hungarian programmer and graphics designer. I love creating websites and games ever since my childhood.

I use Godot Engine and the awesome Love2D framework for creating games nowadays, but I’ve used many different engines, frameworks and libraries over the years. I have fond memories about Dark Basic, Blitz Basic, Revolution3D, Irrlicht, and SFML, just to name a few. Some of them are long gone by now.

I regard myself a generalist. I draw sprite sheets, 2D animations and textures in GIMP. For vector images I use Inkscape. I’ve used Wings3D for 3D modelling, Zbrush for sculpting, and Kerkythea for rendering. I use LMMS for composing chiptune music, and for creating sound effects. I like creating websites with WordPress.

I’ve started programming in good old Basic on the Commodore 64, but later on the PC I have learned other languages like Pascal, C, C++, and scripting languages like Lua and PHP. I have worked as a web developer for several years so I also know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL. Today I work in the automotive industry, creating a navigation software that millions use all around the world.

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Cheers, Peter