Tetris made in 3.5 hours

Tetris has one of the best game designs in history, and I’ve always had fun playing it, so it was a perfect fit for a remake.

For this purpose I have used again the awesome Love2D framework and Zerobrane Studio. Making the classical Tetris gameplay to work was a bit more complicated than I’ve anticipated, therefore I’ve developed this game in two parts: the first part in the evening and the next part at the morning. I’ve recorded a timelapse video while doing it, and later edited it in YouTube.

Timelapse video

Features & controls

It is made up of about 480 lines of code, and has all the Tetris features you would expect:

  • Shape movement and rotation
  • Falling and dropping shapes
  • Collision detection and response
  • Score counting and next shape
  • Increasing difficulty over time
  • Use left and right keys to move
  • Up key to rotate, down key to drop

Download links

In order to play the Linux or MacOSX version, you will need to install Love2D on your computer.